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September 10, 2020

High Plains Technology and IBM with Brocade Steaks and Storage Webinar!

Steaks & Storage Webinar

Join High Plains Technology and IBM with Brocade Oct 6th to discuss today’s business demands that are forcing the entire storage industry in new directions and how the storage networking infrastructure must evolve to meet these demands.  

“Speed is the New Currency of Business”, Mark Benioff,

 … and Storage Networking is essential for that speed.

New applications such as Machine Learning and AI and the ever-evolving traditional applications such as transaction processing demand extreme performance, with greater transactions per second and consistently low latency.

Is your storage infrastructure ready?

Does your datacenter strategy support these business demands for speed and availability?

Your business applications on the servers are connected to your most valuable asset – the data on your storage – by something that is often overlooked – your storage network.

The storage network is essential in building an infrastructure that enables the performance, scalability, availability, and flexibility that your data center needs for the next 5 to 7 years.

During this webinar, industry expert, AJ Casamento, will cover what is required from your storage network to meet these needs so that you may exploit new storage and server technologies such as 32Gb/s Flash arrays, storage class memory (SCM), and NVMe over Fabrics.

All clients that attend our ‘Steaks and Storage Webinar’ will receive a $50 Omaha Steaks voucher. Keep your grilling season inspired!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to spend 60 minutes learning how to ensure your infrastructure is ready for the future and receive a nice dinner directly to your door!

Tuesday October 6, 3PM CT:  Registration Link